Q:  How expensive is it?
A:  Prices start at $30 for a small simple closet system with a $300 order minimum. A nice closet system is comparable in price with a nice piece of furniture for your home. You have a lot of control on price depending on how fancy you want it made. We custom build fancy to simple closet or garage organization systems for your home with skilled American labor at a competitive price.
If you want to know your price just call or email to request an estimate, our estimates are still free.

Q:  What is melamine?
A:  Melamine is a processed wood board with a Melamine resin coating. This coating is very hard, durable and much more scratch and stain resistant than painted wood. 

Q:  How about quality?
A:  We have weeded out inferior products over 20 plus years. Every organizer system, whether small or fancy, is built from the same highest grade melamine. You will always get the best quality for your dollar.

Q:  Will it fit my closet?
A:  Yes, we custom build each individual closet system. This is not a product you buy in a box and hope it is the right size for your space. Get a real craftsman with real tools and get a professional system to fit your home. You will be glad you did.

Q:  Is it going to make a big mess in my home?
A:  No, the mess is made in our workshop and in our mobile workshop onsite. Your home stays tidy.

Q:  How long will this take?
A:  Most of the time we can build a new closet system in one day or less thanks to our skilled crew of closet system specialist with specialized tools and our specialized closet systems.

Q:  What if I want to change my closet organizer as my children grow up?
A:  No problem! Our adjustable system has rods and shelves (plus a full line of accessories) that make it easy to change your system at any time. These are not fixed shelves that must be rebuilt each time a change is needed. Whether it's a nursery closet, office, or the bedroom of a teenager, simply adjust the shelves and rods to fit your needs.